Radicals vs. Liberals

I have been on a historical journey through ancient flamewars of the blogosphere. (Yeah, I have too much time on my hands. So sue me.)

Since the epic asshattery of Michael Moore’s comments re: the Assange rape case, I have become aware that the liberal dudebros who think they’re feminists, are a lot bigger misogynists than I had previously noted (liberal used in the more American sense of a bit lefty but only in comparison to the psychopathic right wing they have over there). Unfortunately, the liberal women too display an inordinately high degree of misogyny disguised as ‘look at how badass I am to handle this shit’.

The flamewar was started by liberals at ThinkProgress deciding it was ok to slam Ann Coulter with misogynist, homophobic and transphobic slurs, and in no way to consider this hypocritical to their self-proclaimed support of these oppressed groups. IBtP was clearly taking none of this shit.

In the process of wading through this illuminating tide of unexamined privilege, I came across this charming little comment at Sadly, No!, which I think exemplifies everything which is wrong with the liberal way of thinking:

  1. Jillian said,March 4, 2007 at 5:01Given the choice between being called a fatassed cunt or being called a racist (or sexist or homophobe or a war mongerer-enabler or so forth) I know which one I’d pick.Insult the size of my butt or the shape of my genitals all you want, but I’d rather not have my character insulted.So, given a choice, I hang with people who will probably call me a bitch, or a twat, or whatever once in a while – but will NEVER call me something that’s seriously offensive.

    Seems simple enough to me.


‘Hey. I’m a tough empowered lady who can take your gender-based slurs. They don’t REALLY offend anyone and most certainly have nothing to do with a continuum of oppression that exists between ‘twat’ and ‘honour killing.’ I mean, the only people who could POSSIBLY get offended at that must be whiny oversensitive types. I’m not one of THOSE women. I can handle that shit. But accuse a member of a privileged group of oppressing a less privileged group? A SLUR to my name I tell you!! It might actually force me consider I might be anything less than perfectly virtuous! Disgusting.

In denial of her own oppression by those who are supposed to respect her?


Seeing ability to tolerate this disrespect as a sign of toughness rather than submission?


Minimizing the concerns of other oppressed groups (of which she is not a part) in favour of her own privileged point of view?


Suggesting that being called a racist is nothing more than a ‘slur’, like ‘cunt’ or ‘bitch’, rather than a term developed to name and fight a systemic oppression? And that being called such a term might, in fact, be cause for a little self-examination?


Hinting that being a white person called a racist is worse than the slurs a privileged group inflict on an oppressed group?


Fucktarded. Seems simple enough to me.

And if you think that’s bad, check out this charming little character who made it over to IBtP. He follows up back at Sadly, No! with this.


If only those oppressed groups weren’t so offended all the time (which of course they do for NO REASON AT ALL), we could just get on with helping them! Why do they have to make it so HARD when I display a little unexamined privilege?! I mean I’m trying! Can’t see you how hard I’m trying?

*lists all previous things ever done for said group*

See? See how much I do for you people?! And you aren’t grateful enough to just let it slide when I participate in oppressing you from time to time? Don’t you know that participation in the liberal cause makes me, by default, part of the solution, even if I shit all over you occasionally? Ungrateful bastards, wonder why I bother.

*Throws toys out of pram.*

Guess you just want your movement to fail, huh, cos that’s what’ll happen if you don’t suck up to guys like me, yeah, cos you NEED us, losers.

Ah Mikey. Where on earth would the oppressed peoples of the world be without guys like you to save us?

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